Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back after a little sabattical........

Have been away from the blog, but time now to get back to it. Summer has been super, getting to see a lot of you athletes at various venues and races. As I've begun to reacquaint myself with the race circuit, have experienced 4 5K's since mid-June, and it's been great seeing many of you achieving goals you've not previously experienced. Working with a number of you through consultation and face-to-face interaction, I'm very proud of what you've accomplished, and more importantly, how you've embraced the sport with the RIGHT ATTITUDE.....a mindset of gratitude, humbleness, yet unwavering stick-to-itiveness.
I'm humbled by the interest many of you have shown in my return to the sport since my hip replacement last summer. It's the greatest feeling in the world to know I have your backing, and to say I'm grateful for where I've come this past year is a major understatement.
After working the 5K's down to a 20:30 at the Gusher Gallop May 17th, I took a trip to Colorado with my friends Bill and Debbie Weeks, to stay at the home of Victor and Susan Selenow in Buena Vista. Every day, we hiked or ran, and from their house, you have little choice but to head 'upward' glorious! I'm not an every-day runner anymore-much as I might like to be-but how could I pass this chance......
Therefore, I've had a few months of managing tight achilles and calves. With this condition, when acute the best approach is to lay off the roads a week or so, and if the effects have eased, break back to running avoiding at almost all costs HILLS and INTENSITY.
I raced the Bethany 8K and ran solidly, very pleased with a 34:30. It seems I picked up the mileage a little quickly again-a couple of big weeks thrown in there-and had a little relapse early August, triggered by an upbeat 10-miler. (I'm planning on running my first half-marathon post-hip latter year.) By mid-August I was back and ready to run the "Run with the Bulls" 5K with effort, but not all-out. Ran the mid-22's and most importantly, no after-effect from the race, and a week later, the heralded "Brookhaven Run" in Norman was upon us. Decided to try to run the 21's and see if the calves were healed, and in going 21:20, it felt great! I think we're back!
The lesson here is that there's always another race, another training run, another long one we can get much as it disappoints to have to lay off, or skip a particular event we've pointed towards, once we've made the comeback, it's clear the wait-you can even call it "sacrifice"-is more than worth it. One thing is crystal clear, and worth remembering: We've come to this sport to enhance our lives, and hopefully for the rest of our lives.
Happy running, athletes, and see you on the roads!