Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Morning, athletes! Here's an excerpt from tomorrow's All About You" KSBI-TV interview, Cox Channel 7, 10-11pm (toward end of show, but watch it all if you stuff!)

Have a truly "world-class" day, all! Mark

“Pressure is simply thetask at hand exceeding our level of preparation”MOMENTUM: Chapter 45
1) Practice like it’s a GAME, then play the game
like it’s PRACTICE
2) “It’s easy to have faith in yourself and have discipline when you’re a winner, when
you’re #1. What you got to have is faith
and discipline when you’re not winning.” Vince Lombardi
3) “Our greatest glory is not in never
falling, but in getting up every time we do.”

Thursday, January 5, 2012

It's here! OKC Memorial Marathon Training Group sets sail!

Hi athletes! Seems it's been a good while since we set sail on our quest of marathon preparation! Indeed, only weeks have passed since Route 66 and Fall Marathon Training group finished up in October-and I congratulate ALL who participated, and for conquering, your goals, whatever they may have been.

Looking forward to seeing many of you Saturday at Nichols Hills Plaza for our inaugural effort, in pursuit of Oklahoma City's streets April 29th, or wherever it is you'll be "putting your signature" on the project!

First and foremost, enjoy and savor your miles! Also, take advantage of the unique camaraderie the group offers.....there's only one LANDRUNNERS, and you're a part of it! Glad to help anyway I can at

All my best, athletes!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Running to 2011!

The New Year is upon us, and I wish for all of you every bit of gratification and contentment you hope for! I always savor starting a new year, not to undo the past, create new resolutions, or radically change everything simply because the calendar moves. Instead, I deem it a great time to recall-or rekindle-feelings of gratitude, of which I'm a big believer we can never do to much of! This gratitude is based upon all that's come my way-good health, great friends, my recent (year-and-a-half) marriage, and the great fortune of being "in control of my own destiny." For that very reason and others, we're the lucky ones, and here's hoping we all recall that fact, early and often, in 2011! Remember, the glass is always "3/4-full", even when it's not easy to notice that fact.

Wishing you much MOMENTUM in the coming year, and many miles along the way......I'll see you athletes on the roads! Mark (

Friday, November 5, 2010

Off to the races......

Hi athletes!

It's early November, and race season is cranking up! Wishing all of you success this weekend at Race With The Stars, 5K to Monet, the New York City Marathon, and with your LANDRUNNERS training run.....or wherever you find yourself "raising your game!"

This blog is going interactive as of now-finding all the lack of 'tech-savviness' notwithstanding-and I welcome all your comments, questions, and insights. At, the goal is to aid one another in finding MOMENTUM in our running, and LIFE itself, and passing it on!

Go get'em, athletes! We'll be talking.......

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Good morning, athletes!

Here it is March 28th, and Oklahoma City awakens to 20degrees wind chill. Not what we would expect this time of year, but we're truly fortunate, as area codes around the country are threatened by blizzards, snow storms, and floods. Fargo, N. Dakota, site of an upcoming marathon a few friends will attend, are being beseiged by heavy waters; sending real positive thoughts their way. OKC Memorial Marathon Training Group, which has welcomed 150-200 runners weekly in preparation for the OKC Memorial Marathon April 26th, moved the 12-mile "character-builder" in the Edmond Hills to tomorrow, and with temps expected to hit 70's by Sunday afternoon, remember: Hang in there! Each day means we're one closer to being beyond multi-layer-attire running days.

I've been away from the blog a few months, but I'm back. Thanks to those who kept urging me to get back to it; you think you're communicating with the masses, and realize there are others whose paths you don't cross for awhile. I'm grateful for the interest.

Running in Oklahoma City hasn't flourished like this in years, by my view.....a great thing to see. The groundswell of interest in being a part of the OKC Memorial Marathon (a distance for EVERYBODY; long, short, walkers, runners) has certainly been instrumental in this, and having experienced running scenes of many and varied area codes, I can state proudly that our city ranks with any in enthusiasm, community involvement, and inclusion. Hats off to Oklahoma City!

Looking forward to late-April, and the 9th Annual city-wide celebration of life that we call the OKLAHOMA CITY MEMORIAL MARATHON. As well, to getting a few miles in with my buddies Bill Rodgers and Dick Beardsley (Dick having had a knee replacement early this year after some withstanding some 12 knee operations previously.) Dick, as many of you know, is as POSITIVE a guy as you'll ever run across, with a passion to help those enjoy running and more importantly, realized their potential to overcome whatever roadblocks may have befallen them. Dick's found another passion-the bicycle-but is back to light running, and said he wants our annual tradition to continue (a few miles together the weekend of our race.) It was a 10-miler with Dick 7 months after my hip replacement-White Rock '07-that I rank as one of my all-time favorite outings.

Wishing you all a "world-class" start to April, safety and gratification on the roads, and hope to see you out there soon!

All the best, athletes!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

You're already halfway there........

Thanks for the contribution, Cowgirl:

You've already made the greatest stride you could in reaching your goal; you've committed! The biggest obstacle you have is to train prudently, but safely. Enough to get you to the half-marathon Finish Line comfortably (relatively speaking) and uninjured!

You might check and adopt one of the training regimens that suits your ability level, time availability, and lifestyle. If it's the HALF MARATHON 3-DAY/week (or 4-Day/week) program, start with number of weeks left 'til the race, and go forward to raceday. I'd suggest if your mileage per week is not as high as 20, go with 4-Day/week plan, as you'll have fewer long efforts, but "steel" yourself to the commitment (mentally and physically) of being out there 3 hours plus with more efforts prior to raceday.

All my best to you, athlete, and thanks for being in touch! Mark

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back after a little sabattical........

Have been away from the blog, but time now to get back to it. Summer has been super, getting to see a lot of you athletes at various venues and races. As I've begun to reacquaint myself with the race circuit, have experienced 4 5K's since mid-June, and it's been great seeing many of you achieving goals you've not previously experienced. Working with a number of you through consultation and face-to-face interaction, I'm very proud of what you've accomplished, and more importantly, how you've embraced the sport with the RIGHT ATTITUDE.....a mindset of gratitude, humbleness, yet unwavering stick-to-itiveness.
I'm humbled by the interest many of you have shown in my return to the sport since my hip replacement last summer. It's the greatest feeling in the world to know I have your backing, and to say I'm grateful for where I've come this past year is a major understatement.
After working the 5K's down to a 20:30 at the Gusher Gallop May 17th, I took a trip to Colorado with my friends Bill and Debbie Weeks, to stay at the home of Victor and Susan Selenow in Buena Vista. Every day, we hiked or ran, and from their house, you have little choice but to head 'upward' glorious! I'm not an every-day runner anymore-much as I might like to be-but how could I pass this chance......
Therefore, I've had a few months of managing tight achilles and calves. With this condition, when acute the best approach is to lay off the roads a week or so, and if the effects have eased, break back to running avoiding at almost all costs HILLS and INTENSITY.
I raced the Bethany 8K and ran solidly, very pleased with a 34:30. It seems I picked up the mileage a little quickly again-a couple of big weeks thrown in there-and had a little relapse early August, triggered by an upbeat 10-miler. (I'm planning on running my first half-marathon post-hip latter year.) By mid-August I was back and ready to run the "Run with the Bulls" 5K with effort, but not all-out. Ran the mid-22's and most importantly, no after-effect from the race, and a week later, the heralded "Brookhaven Run" in Norman was upon us. Decided to try to run the 21's and see if the calves were healed, and in going 21:20, it felt great! I think we're back!
The lesson here is that there's always another race, another training run, another long one we can get much as it disappoints to have to lay off, or skip a particular event we've pointed towards, once we've made the comeback, it's clear the wait-you can even call it "sacrifice"-is more than worth it. One thing is crystal clear, and worth remembering: We've come to this sport to enhance our lives, and hopefully for the rest of our lives.
Happy running, athletes, and see you on the roads!