Saturday, July 12, 2008

Morning, athletes!

Got a super report from the doc yesterday; both hips look great he said, even the other one (though not as "shiny" on the x-ray!) We laughed at his comment days after surgery last year: "It may not last your whole life, but you oughta get 40-45 years", to which I quickly shot back: "We're do I sign?" At 90-95, I'll gladly move on to 'Plan B!'
I'm grateful for all the well-wishes and compliments that have come my way in these 14 months since hip replacement, and for the ability to exhibit some resilience through this bit of adversity. We all see-and experience-opportunities to rise above adversity, both in and outside athletics. I hope my plight in some way lends some assistance to others going through the inevitable unexpected turns that life offers. After all, these "tests" are our chance to put our very own signature on the project.

Feel free to offer on my blog your own experiences of stick-to-itiveness, either personal or witnessed. I'll continue to share those I run across in my travels and experiences running and coaching. Again, they need not enter the realm of athletics...the same lessons can be found displayed in all aspects of life.
Extending to my friends out to conquer the BADWATER race next week (Marie Bartoletti of Pennsylvania and Chisholm Deupree from Oklahoma City) my admiration, and hoping nothing but great memories come your way while competing. Wishing you a "world-class" weekend, and look forward to seeing you on the roads of America!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"To give less than your to sacrifice the gift"

This simple statement is credited to Steve Prefontaine, legendary American distance runner who left his mark-though dying in a car accident in his mid-20's-by an unprecedented will to get the most of himself every time he laced up his shoes. Winning races was a mere by-product of his real seek the best inside himself. This transcended his running, as he was a pioneer in the move to allow amateur athletes a stipend, as he himself-at the height of American distance running-was relegated to food stamps to continue his pursuit of excellence, and an eventual performance in the 1972 Munich Olympics.

I call attention to this statement, and the life of Steve Prefontaine, to spotlight the fact that we can all have impact in life, even if we're not a world-class runner-or "world-class" anything. When we conduct ourselves with dignity, treat others as we hope to be treated, and pursue whatever our passion-or current plight is-with all the diligence and stick-to-itiveness we can, we raise the caliber of everything and everyone around us. In fact, the entire world is enhanced.

Through this blog-and website I hope to share and exchange with others the tools, ideas, and approaches-mental and physical-that "raise the level" of your game. Please contribute as you like, and thanks for taking a look.

I want to thank my good friend Jill Beardsley (who orchestrated this blogsite.) Jill's husband, marathon legend Dick Beardsley, has opened my eyes numerous times with his never-say-die approach to adversity, and I'm proud to call him a great friend. I always look forward to our runs whenever we arrive in the same area code.

Thanks again, and I'll see you all on the roads......Mark

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