Sunday, January 2, 2011

Running to 2011!

The New Year is upon us, and I wish for all of you every bit of gratification and contentment you hope for! I always savor starting a new year, not to undo the past, create new resolutions, or radically change everything simply because the calendar moves. Instead, I deem it a great time to recall-or rekindle-feelings of gratitude, of which I'm a big believer we can never do to much of! This gratitude is based upon all that's come my way-good health, great friends, my recent (year-and-a-half) marriage, and the great fortune of being "in control of my own destiny." For that very reason and others, we're the lucky ones, and here's hoping we all recall that fact, early and often, in 2011! Remember, the glass is always "3/4-full", even when it's not easy to notice that fact.

Wishing you much MOMENTUM in the coming year, and many miles along the way......I'll see you athletes on the roads! Mark (

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